Stuv wood heaters

The Stuv woodheater range is perhaps the most adaptable and inovative wood heater available in Australia. With a revolving three stage door and high efficiency controlable combustion the Stuv performs and looks great in any home. Each new model has incorporated something never before seen in the market: the retractable glass door of the Stuv 21; the integrated system of three rotating doors in the Stuv 30.

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Stuv wood heater models

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  THE STUV 21 INBUILT WOODHEATER   THE STUV 21 is available in various sizes, Stuv 21 can be made a standout feature, or installed into your wall with easy to install cladding and fascia ...
  THE STUV 30 COMPACT WOODHEATER   Like its famous siblings, the Stûv 30-Compact offers a patented three-door system and three heating functions to ensure maximum enjoyment of your fire. ...
  THE STUV 30 UP WOODHEATER   Maintaining the celebrated three-door, three-mode heating functionality of its forebear, Stuv 30 Up is a striking and highly efficient wall-suspended ...
  THE STUV 30 COMPACT HIGH WOODHEATER    The Stuv 30 Compact High has the same three door system as the smaller 30 compact. The heat accumulator stores heat keeping the room warm ...

The Stuv Features

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Stuv30 Three Door


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