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Stovax wood heaters

The Stovax range of wood fires bring wood burning technology to the pinnacle of heating performance. Using the latest technologies, our built-in wood burning fires provide you with high efficiency heating together with both traditional and contemporary designs to make the fire a focal point in your home. A wood burning fire is better in environmental terms than coal or smokeless fuels as the amount of carbon dioxide released is approximately the same as that absorbed by the tree during growth. It is also a renewable resource, particularly when derived from plantations and cultivated woodland.

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Stovax wood heater models

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The Stovax range of wood fires bring wood burning technology to the pinnacle of heating performance. Using the latest technologies, our built-in wood burning fires provide you with high efficiency ...
  THE STOVAX RIVA STUDIO FREESTANDING WOODHEATERS THE STOVAX RIVA STUDIO FREESTANDING WOOD HEATERS - There is nothing like the irresistable ambience of a real Stovax stove. Expertly crafted ...
  THE STOVAX RIVA STUDIO 1 INBUILT WOODHEATER  THE STOVAX RIVA STUDIO 1- For the highest levels of performance the glass fronted, Riva wood fires offer cutting edge heating efficiency. This is ...
  THE STOVAX RIVA STUDIO 2 INBUILT WOODHEATER THE STOVAX RIVA STUDIO 2 - The Stovax cleanburn combustion systems burn logs with outstanding efficiency. More heat gets delivered into the room and ...

The Stovax Riva Studio inbuilt fascia options


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For contemporary home owners seeking something with more innovation, inspiration and flair than the traditional fireplace , we offer a superb choice of models for solid fuel that could add a new dimension to your thinking. From the impressive proportions of the models in the Stovax wood heater range you will be able to select a model with the style and presence to create a remarkable focal point for your home. Stovax offer a wide choice of traditional and contemporary models to suit most homes – and all have several frame options.

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The Stovax range is the result of 30 years of continual development in slow combustion technology. Riva Studios have been created for contemporary living. Boasting superb heating efficiency and innovative design features – they offer functionality and visual appeal. Riva Studios are available in three sizes each with a variety of frame options, from the frameless Edge to the impressive Verve. Your first decision is to identify the correct Studio size and heat output for your room, and then select the frame style to suit your home. There are also two Freestanding versions so you can be sure to find a fire that will be perfect for any home.


The Stovax Riva™ Studio Bauhaus is a wood burning inset fire with a classic three dimensional tapered frame. This frame comes in two finishes and is offered on all sizes of Riva™ Studio inset fires, enabling you to perfectly match the Bauhaus to whatever the size and style of your room. Whether you opt for the contemporary Polished Stainless Steel or the refined lines of the Jet Black Metallic finish, the Bauhaus will heat your home in flawless style.


The Stovax Riva™ Studio Edge inset fire is for those who require minimalist modern perfection. This contemporary wood burning fire has a seamless no-frame design, allowing your home’s interior to frame and enhance the roaring flames.

Edge Plus

New to the range and as a continuation from the Stovax Riva™ Studio Edge, the Riva™ Edge + inset wood burning fire provides a similarly frameless ‘hole in the wall’ fire look, yet offers the additional benefit of a more simplified finishing process. A slim profile decorative frame, crafted from 1mm thick steel, overlays the finished wall surface and provides a perfectly crisp finish around the installation opening. With a complementary Matt Black finish, the Riva™ Studio Edge + inset fire is a sophisticated and functional styling option that simply lets the Riva™ Studio’s impressive wood burning flame picture provide all the aesthetic appeal!


With its crisp lines and reflective surface, the Riva Studio Glass offers you a complete focal point around which to create your very own distinctive decorative style.


The Stovax Riva™ Studio Profil inset fire features ultra contemporary styling that fits in perfectly with all modern interiors. The wood burning Riva™ Studio Profil is finished in Jet Black Metallic


The Stovax Riva™ Studio Steel inset fire is for those with large spaces who wish to create a greater presence with their choice of wood burning fireplace. Finished in Jet Black Metallic, the Riva™ Studio Steel’s wide frame instantly creates a distinctive and individual focal point

Steel XS

New to the range and similar to the existing  Stovax Riva™ Studio Steel inset, the Riva™ Studio Steel XS has slimmer proportions and offer a very different look, complementing the Studio’s distinctive wide screen flame picture. This wood burning fire frame is finished in Jet Black and is available only with the Riva Studio 2.


The Stovax Riva™ Studio Verve 3D frame offers a gentle curving form which is designed to create a maximum impact in your home. The frame is finished in Midnight Black Metallic.





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