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Classics of today and tomorrow the Regency wood heater range comes with a 10 year warranty.

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Regency Alterra freestanding slow combustion wood heater

THE REGENCY ALTERRA WOOD HEATER - A wood burning stove with modern appeal! The contemporary design of Regency’s Alterra wood stove puts the focus on the brilliant glowing fire. With an impressive viewing area, and a convenient firewood storage area, the Alterra is perfectly proportioned for visual pleasure and functional convenience.

 Regency Altera Wood Heater Pricing

CAPACITY square metres.....up to 240
HEIGHT mm........897
WIDTH mm.........721
DEPTH mm.........592
WEIGHT kg.........TBA
FAN SPEED .........2 speed
CLEARANCE REAR WALL mm .........160
CLEARANCE SIDE WALL mm .........475
EMISSION RATING g/k.......... 1.3
FIREBOX TYPE ........Steel
BAFFLE TYPE.......... Fire brick
BAFFLE THICKNESS mm......... 8 Steel upgrade
LINERS TYPE.......... Fire bricks
FIREBOX WARRANTY..........10 years
COLOURS AVAILABLE......... Black, Black with Stainless Steel Sides.


Regency Alterra freestanding slow combustion wood heater with wood storage

Regency Alterra freestanding wood heater



Regency wood heater freestanding models

  REGENCY ALTERRA FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER THE REGENCY ALTERRA WOOD HEATER - A wood burning stove with modern appeal! The contemporary design of Regency’s Alterra wood stove puts the focus...

  REGENCY NARRABRI FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER  THE REGENCY NARRABRI WOOD HEATER - This radiant heater is designed to heat small living areas and suits that country feel home. With a...

  REGENCY RENMARK FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER   THE REGENCY RENMARK WOOD HEATER - It's contemporary design and large viewing area sets the Renmark apart from traditional freestanding wood...

  REGENCY CARDINIA FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER  THE REGENCY CARDINIA WOOD HEATER - Designed to heat small to medium sized living areas, the simple modern lines of the Cardinia suit a wide...

  REGENCY ALBANY FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER THE REGENCY ALBANY WOOD HEATER - The Regency Albany is sized to heat medium to large areas of about 180 sq metres and like the others is designed...

  REGENCY GOSFORD FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER  THE REGENCY GOSFORD WOOD HEATER - Impressive in size and performance, the Regency Gosford delivers incredible high efficiency heat for...

  REGENCY HUME FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER THE REGENCY HUME WOOD HEATER - The largest member of the Regency wood fire family will provide a dramatic wide glass view of an incredible fire while...

  REGENCY KINGSTON HYBRID CATALYTIC FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER   THE REGENCY KINGSTON WOOD HEATER -You don’t have to sacrifice style anymore. The Regency Kingston Large Wood...

Regency wood heater inbuilt models

  REGENCY BELLERIVE INBUILT WOOD HEATER  THE REGENCY BELLERIVE INBUILT WOOD HEATER - The Bellerive will fit into larger fireplaces. This highly efficient Regency wood inbuilt is...

  REGENCY BERWICK INBUILT WOOD HEATER  THE REGENCY BERWICK INBUILT WOOD HEATER - The Berwick wood fire is a contemporary styled wood inbuilt in a convenient size that is ideal for...

  REGENCY MANSFIELD DOUBLE SIDED INBUILT WOOD HEATER    THE REGENCY MANSFIELD  This see-through gives you 2x the viewing area and 2x the control. Regency now provides an...

  REGENCY MONTROSE WOOD HEATER   Designed for modern living, the Regency Montrose will add ambience and enjoyment to any room. The large viewing glass with black etched edge provides an...

Regency Wood Fire PDF's

Owner and installation manuals

Updated April 2019

 pdfRegency Freestanding Wood Heater Brochure

pdfRegency Inbuilt Wood Heater Brochure

pdfRegency Albany Owner/Install Manual

pdfRegency Alterra Owner/Install Manual

pdfRegency Bellerive Owner/Install Manual

pdfRegency Berwick Owner/Install Manual

pdfRegency Cardinia Owner/Install Manual

pdfRegency Gosford Owner/Install Manual

pdfRegency Hume Owner/Install Manual

pdfRegency Kingston Owner/Install Manual

pdfRegency Mansfield Owner/Install Manual

pdfRegency Montrose Owner/Install Manual

pdfRegency Narrabri Ower/Install Manual

pdfRegency Renmark Owner/Install Manual

pdfRegency Vancouver Owner/Install Manual


When choosing your wood heater - You can't go past a Regency!

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Regency Wood Freestandings & inbuilts are the perfect combination of high technology engineering and classic design. All Regency Wood Heaters  offer wide view doors for an unparalleled view of the beautiful real wood fire.
Add the warmth and comfort of a real wood fire to your home today.

Freestanding Wood Heaters
With Regency you can add a wood stove in small, medium or large sizes that will heat your favorite living spaces with renewable, clean burning and efficient heat.  Save money on your heating bill…and get back to basics with a beautiful Regency wood heater. There is nothing like a wood fire.

Inbuilt Wood Heaters
A Regency wood inbuilt is a quality product that will add value to your home, save you money on your heating bill and create a memorable space in your home. You can easily insert a Regency wood heater into your existing masonry fireplace and stop losing as much as 90% of your fire’s heat up the chimney! With a high-efficiency Regency wood fireplace inbuilt you can enjoy a clean burning and efficient heater.



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