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Ever since 1853, Morso have been heating homes in Scandinavia and worldwide. Morso woodheaters have long been recognised for their superior function, style and classic design - reflecting the unique Danish integration of form, function and quality. Morsos name has always been and always will be inextricably linked with cast iron. Solid cast iron is the traditional material used in constructing wood heaters. It has a unique ability to store heat and release it to its surroundings long after the fire has gone out. Top quality Morso cast iron is resistant to thermal stress and retains its shape so the heater remains airtight but beware of cheaper imitations because cheap cast can cause problems.

Morso wood heater range

Morso modern cast iron wood heaters

  MORSO 4143 FREESTANDING  WOOD HEATER The Morsø 4143 has its own unique character – its spherical shape, feminine transitions and the large door glass, the largest in Morsø’s history....

  MORSO 6143 FREESTANDING WOOD FIRE The Morsø wood burning stove 6143 will tastefully decorate any room with its deeply elegant oval column. Employing a refined and timeless design...

  MORSO 6148 FREESTANDING WOOD FIRE THe Morsø wood burning stove 6148 stands like a sculpture on its pedestal. A stove with a timeless and minimalist design, and a large glass door that...

  MORSO 6643 FREESTANDING WOOD FIRE The artistic expression of Morsø 6643 sets it apart from the crowd. The stoves elliptical shape is complimented  by a unique double door maximising...

  MORSO 6670 WALL MOUNTED WOOD FIRE The Morsø 6670 is available as a wall mounted stove - Morsø 6670. Morsø 6670 is a wall mounted wood burning stove with an artistic expression...

  MORSO 7943 FREESTANDING WOOD FIRE NEW VERSION   The Morsø wood-burning stove 7943 unobtrusively raises the combustion chamber with its spectacular glass sections just high enough up...

  MORSO 7948 FREESTANDING WOOD FIRE   At first glance, it's the stove's large glass area that impresses you. The very large window section at the front and sides of the stove creates a...

Morso traditional cast iron wood heaters

  MORSO 1410 FREESTANDING  THE MORSO 1410 WOOD HEATER - The Morso 1410 is the ideal size and capacity to heat areas 8-10 squares. Its ability to heat quickly will create a cosy...

  MORSO 1440 FREESTANDING  THE MORSO 1440 WOOD HEATER - Sharing the same impressive performance of the 1410 but with the added advantages of a larger viewing window and convection...

About Morso


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Classics of today and tomorrow. MORSØ JERNSTØBERI has been producing some of the world's best cast iron heaters since 1853. For 5 generations, MORSØ has been making life warmer and cosier in homes worldwide. The ultimate combination of form and function.Due to the excellent properties of Morso cast iron, Morso is the only Danish stove manufacturer offering a 10-year warranty against casting and production defects. Morso has almost 150 years of experience with the manufacture of wood-burning stoves and has always been at the forefront of developing new stove types. You can always find a Morso stove which meets your specific needs in terms of design, size, stove type and output. A wood-burning stove from Morsø is more than the perfect heat source. It will become an integral part of your home, a solid piece of furniture and a warm and loyal friend that will give you many years of joy. For the same reason, we have over the years chosen to let recognised designers create some of our stoves to ensure their longevity – both in terms of quality and design.

Wood burning is the cheapest type of heating, even if you have to buy the wood. Compared to the cost of running an oil-fired central-heating system, you will save a minimum of 50 per cent. Even compared to electric and gas heating, wood burning also offers good value for money. Even if you have to buy the wood, a wood-burning stove will make financial sense compared to electricity, natural gas and oil. Depending on the current price, you will be able to reduce your heating bill by at least 50 per cent. A comfortable and fast form of heat Light your stove, and the heat from the stove will instantly make the room warm and cosy, whether it is direct radiated heat or the more evenly distributed convection heat.

When choosing your wood heater you need to look beyond design and features as several factors come into play. For you to have the best possible experience, the stove’s heating capacity must match the actual heating requirement. If you select a stove which is too big for your heating needs, you will need to reduce the air supply which will result in poor combustion so that soot accumulates within the stove and chimney. In other words, the fuel and the wood heater are poorly utilised.


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