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Masport wood fires

With over 35 years of experience in home heating, Masport heating is a brand that reflects its values through its product. Superior build quality, extensive research and development, rigorous quality control and a guarantee of workmanship are values that are synonymous with Masport Heating. Glen Dimplex is the largest manufacturer of wood fires in Australasia and incorporates a high level of equipment and facilities unrivalled by any other manufacturer in Australasia. As a consequence, our product range is extensive and offers great value for money.

We at Masport Heating have in-depth knowledge of solid fuel heating and continue to invest a great deal of time and money into innovative wood fire design and development. Our range of wood fires are a result of our intense research and over the years we have been at the forefront of the new generation of clean burning ultra efficient fires. These are advanced appliances that provide reliable warmth to the entire house and all with an amazing degree of control, economy, aesthetic appeal and environmental friendliness.

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Masport Heating is committed to producing the best solid fuel burners in Australasia and our confidence is reflected in our 10 year fire box warranty on our entire wood fire range. Rest assured that you are buying a quality product from a reliable and renowned wood fire manufacturer.

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Masport freestanding steel convective wood heater models

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  MASPORT ATLANTA WOOD HEATER MASPORT STEEL FIREBOX THE MASPORT ATLANTA WOOD HEATER - With its clean lines and bay window the Atlanta is a great looking an powerful wood heater. It can ...
  MASPORT HESTIA FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER MASPORT STEEL FIREBOX THE MASPORT HESTIA WOOD HEATER - There’s something special about the expansive feel of a bay window. Masport have ...
  MASPORT R5000 FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER - The new R5000 will heat small to medium sized areas. Featuring clean lines and a contemporary design, the R5000 will be a feature in any room. ...
  MASPORT R1500 WS FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER - The R1500 is a convective heater. With a compact finish, it is suitable for almost any application. Optional fan for convection heating makes ...

Masport freestanding cast iron convective wood heater models

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  MASPORT F12000 FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER MASPORT CAST IRON FIREBOX THE MASPORT F12000 WOOD HEATER - With its large capacity and powerful output, the F12000 is a stylish choice for ...
  MASPORT F2000E FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER - The new release F series from Masport offers a sleek new look in high efficiency wood heating.The F2000 is a smaller unit designed to heat areas ...
  MASPORT F3000E FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER - The Masport F3000 will heat areas up to about 190 square metres and is available in black. PRICE Black enamel with black ...
  MASPORT F7000E FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER - The Masport F7000 can heat areas up to 240 square metres. With a peak output of 24kW and an emissions rating of only 1.1 g/kg this is a very ...

Masport inbuilt wood heater models

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  MASPORT I5000 INBUILT WOOD HEATER - The stylish sleek lines of I 5000 are perfect for transforming your existing masonry fireplace into a dramatic modern feature. Also available with an ...
  MASPORT I9000 INBUILT WOOD HEATER - Very big and bold, the I9000 adds visual impact and plenty of heat for large, spacious areas. With zero clearance this fire can be easily installed into ...
  MASPORT LE7 PROVINCIAL INBUILT WOOD HEATER - The new LE 7000 Provincial offers zero clearance technology so you can enjoy irresistible flames in virtually any space. This fire can be built ...
  MASPORT I2000 INBUILT WOOD HEATER   Sleek contemporary looks that defigne extraordinary fires from the ordinary. MASONARY INSTALLATION ONLY ...

Masport freestanding radiant cast iron wood heater models

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  MASPORT WESTCOTT 1000 FREESTANDING RADIANT WOOD HEATER - The Westcott wood heaters are a compact cast-iron radiant wood fire range which will heat small areas. Top and rear flue options ...
  MASPORT WESTCOTT 2000 FREESTANDING RADIANT WOOD HEATER   - The solid construction of the Westcott 2000 will keep small to medium areas of your home cosy this Winter. Designed in New ...
  MASPORT WESTCOTT 3000 FREESTANDING RADIANT WOOD HEATER   - With dual side opening doors and brushed steel handles, this radiant wood fire will make a statement in any room. Top and rear flue ...
  MASPORT PITTSBURGH POT BELLY WOOD HEATERS   Enjoy the traditional feel that comes with the Pittsburgh stove. This stove is perfect for medium to large sized areas and will add an ...

Masport zero clearance




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Have your ever wanted to have an attractive wood fireplace but been put off by the need for an expensive remodelling of your house? Now, thanks to Masport, almost any wall can be quickly and safely converted to accommodate a wood fireplace with the Masport zero clearance (ZC) range of wood heaters. The Masport ZC range enables you to have a wood fireplace installed into almost any wall, while protecting floors and walls constructed from combustible materials, as you can see from the diagrams. And they are easy to install too, making them ideal for houses under construction, or for renovating an existing home. All Masport inbuilt wood fires are ZC capable.

Masport wood heaters say this - "The key to an efficient, long-lasting fire lies in the design and construction of a superior firebox. Each features an advanced panel design with an array of heat dispersing fins that can increase a surface area of the firebox by up to 65%. The result is a superior wood fire that transfers heat through the cast iron firebox and passes directly into the fins. The depth of a Masport cast iron firebox is 8-10mm plus the height of the fins (approx. 30mm). This extra cast iron surface area is the key. While heating a greater surface area the volume of heat being transferred into the room is significantly increased. It will heat large volume areas and store and distribute warmth long after the fire has died down. All Masport Wood Fires have been built with an exclusive Triple Air Combustion system designed to efficiently burn all of the fuel put in the fire. Primary air comes through the high/low control, secondary air passes through the ‘air wash’ which helps keep the glass clean, and tertiary air comes from below the door to ensure complete combustion. This means less fuel, less cost for a lot more heat.


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