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Jindara wood heaters

This is the 'Wood heaters' main page. Please choose from the menu above or from the logos at the bottom of the page. If you want the largest range of wood heaters available anywhere on the internet, this is it!

Wood heaters are available in several styles from ambient open fires like the Heatmaster series to more efficient sealed slow combustion wood fires that can burn for much longer periods and produce more heat with less fuel. The open wood fireplaces rely on a convective box to heat up an passively convect the hot air into the room but at the same time radiant heat is produced from the flames. The slow combustion wood heaters can be radiant or convective or a mix of both as in the case of some Lopi wood heaters and the Eureka Nugget. Generally if you want a heater for an open area especially if you have high ceilings, and you can place the heater in a central position, then a radiant wood heater sized for the area will do the job well. If on the other hand you have a standard house with living areas at one end with a hallway and bedrooms branching off the hallway then a convective wood heater will move the warm air more efficiently through the house. All wood heaters are available as freestanding or inbuilt and come in many styles from the more traditional to a sleek modern look. If you have any questions on how to choose the right heater for your home, call or email us we'll be more than happy to talk you through the options.

Regency- an exceptional fire, custom elegance and controllable heat are just a few reasons to make a Regency fire part of your family. In 1979, Regency Fireplace Products was founded with a mission to produce the finest fireplace products available anywhere. As a result, Regency has been honoured with awards for exceptional aesthetics and performance and is known as the premium brand around the world. They have been dedicated to providing Australia & New Zealand with Regency fires for over 20 years: committed to creating products that promote comfort and peace of mind.

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Forget the microwave, The Esse and Thermalux range of wood fired cookers make the simplest task a pleasure. Even heating a pan of soup is a rewarding experience as you slide the pan across the hotplate to find the perfect rolling boil or simmer. Roasting and baking never tasted so good. Some of these cookers can also be used for hydronic heating or can be piped to an open pressure hot water system.

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Hergom cast iron wood heaters are among the cleanest burning wood stoves in the world. They provide the maximum heat and fuel performance with minimal emissions of unburned particles into the atmosphere. The finest cast iron is used as the primary material in their production heaters; they understand cast iron and it's resilience as the material for the finest fireplace products. These contemporary fires provide a constant, gentle warmth due to the heat retention properties of it's robust cast iron construction.

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Jindara freestanding wood heater models

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  JINDARA RIVERINA FREESTANDING     - The Jindara Riverina freestanding wood heater is a compact yet powerful fan forced heater designed to heat homes up to 18 squares. Heavy ...
  JINDARA TILGA FREESTANDING   For specifications and the brochure, refer to section below. Other colours are available, please contact us for more information. ...
  JINDARA HOMESTEAD FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER   JINDARA HOMESTEAD - This attractive fan forced woodheater was designed for use in homes whilst offering a small wood storage area ...
  JINDARA BAROSSA FREESTANDING - The Jindara Barossa freestanding wood heater is a very popular unit. Sturdy construction and elegant lines make the Barossa a good choice for any large home. ...

Jindara inbuilt wood heater models

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  JINDARA KIMBERLEY INBUILT - The Jindara Kimberley inbuilt wood heater is the middle sized ‘straight’ door Jindara inbuilt heater. With the ability to improve the efficiency of your open ...
  JINDARA HAMERSLEY INBUILT - The Jindara Hamersley inbuilt wood heater is the big boy of the Jindara ‘Paramount’ range. Sophistication and heating power to tame the coldest conditions. ...
  JINDARA TILGA INBUILT MASONARY For specifications and the brochure, refer to section below. Optional Titanium finish at extra cost. Other colours are available, please contact us for more ...
  JINDARA FEDERATION INBUILT - The Jindara Federation inbuilt wood heater is for those who like the more traditional fireplace style with the knowledge that they are using ‘cutting edge ‘ ...

Jindara dual door wood heater models

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  JINDARA SPECTRE DOUBLE DOOR  INSERT   2x 3-speed fans Cast iron lined 8mm baffle plate 10 year firebox warranty Dual-action handle latch Thermostatic fan control ...
  JINDARA SPECTRE DOUBLE DOOR  FREESTANDING   2x 3-speed fans Cast iron lined 8mm baffle plate 10 year firebox warranty Dual-action handle latch Thermostatic fan control ...
  JINDARA DUO DOUBLE DOOR FREESTANDING   The Jindara Duo Freestanding has been developed to fill the demand for a rugged, efficient and powerful double fronted woodheater. The Duo has ...
  JINDARA SPECTRE DOUBLE DOOR MODULAR   2x 3-speed fans Cast iron lined 8mm baffle plate 10 year firebox warranty Dual-action handle latch Thermostatic fan control 1200mm ...

Jindara zero clearance

Zero clearance wood heaters are insulated fireboxes that can be 'boxed in' to look like a normal inbuilt fireplace without the need of a masonry chimney. The finished style is up to you - dress it traditionally with a mantelpiece or hit it with a coat of paint for a modern no fuss look. Your new Jindara fireplace can be installed in a day and will add a special new dimension to your living area and real value to your home.

Jindara Zero Clearance




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