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Jindara wood heaters

"The Jindara wood heater range is a brilliantly designed and constructed wood heater series that provides excellent efficiency with unique high performance. The stylish design of these wood heaters ensure that Jindara leads the way into the new millennium in design and technology. Extensive research and testing have allowed Jindara to provide a superior selection of wood heating appliances for the discerning buyer." Jindara inbuilt wood heaters are available as zero clearance units.

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Jindara Paramount freestanding wood heater models

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  JINDARA HAMERSLEY FREESTANDING - The Jindara Hamersley freestanding slow combustion wood heater is the largest of the ‘straight’ door Jindara range. Cast liners and firebrick base increase ...
  JINDARA KIMBERLEY FREESTANDING - The Jindara Kimberley freestanding wood heater is the mid-sized straight door heater of the Jindara Paramount range and is rated at 18 squares. Attractive and ...
  JINDARA PILBARA FREESTANDING - The Jindara Pilbara freestanding wood heater is the smallest of the inspired Jindara Paramount range. Features include extra deep firebox, heavy duty cast liners ...

Jindara Paramount inbuilt wood heater models

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  JINDARA KIMBERLEY INBUILT - The Jindara Kimberley inbuilt wood heater is the middle sized ‘straight’ door Jindara inbuilt heater. With the ability to improve the efficiency of your open ...
  JINDARA HAMERSLEY INBUILT - The Jindara Hamersley inbuilt wood heater is the big boy of the Jindara ‘Paramount’ range. Sophistication and heating power to tame the coldest conditions. Available ...
  JINDARA FEDERATION INBUILT - The Jindara Federation inbuilt wood heater is for those who like the more traditional fireplace style with the knowledge that they are using ‘cutting edge ‘ ...

Jindara Outback freestanding wood heater models

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  JINDARA RIVERINA FREESTANDING - The Jindara Riverina freestanding wood heater is a compact yet powerful fan forced heater designed to heat homes up to 18 squares. Heavy duty steel firebox with ...
  JINDARA HOMESTEAD FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER JINDARA HOMESTEAD - The Jindara Homestead slow combustion wood heater is new for '07 and looks set to make an impact. Its different style is sure to ...
  JINDARA BAROSSA FREESTANDING - The Jindara Barossa freestanding wood heater is a very popular unit. Sturdy construction and elegant lines make the Barossa a good choice for any large home. ...
  JINDARA BARWON FREESTANDING - The Jindara Barossa freestanding wood heater is a very popular unit. Sturdy construction and elegant lines make the Barossa a good choice for any large home. Rated ...

Jindara Outback inbuilt wood heater models

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  JINDARA RIVERINA INBUILT MK2 - The Jindara Riverina inbuilt wood heater is based on the successful Riverina freestanding unit. It comes with three speed fan and firebrick liners and like all ...
  JINDARA BAROSSA INBUILT - The Jindara Barossa inbuilt wood heater is a larger version of the Jindara Riverina inbuilt. It comes with three speed fan and firebrick liners and a ten year firebox ...
  JINDARA BARWON Mk2 INBUILT   The same firebox as the Barwon pedestal.  This contemporary looking heater is designed to heat 280 sq metres.  With a deep ash bed burn chamber and an enormous door ...




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"The Jindara wood heating family not only provides an inspired collection of wood heating appliances, they also offer 50 years of manufacturing experience in Australia. This ‘peace of mind’ security ensures that Jindara products will be supported by our Australia wide customer service network. Jindara’s ongoing successes in the wood heating industry allow us the flexibility to develop new models and designs. ‘Quality Through Integrity’ has long been the motto at Jindara, a motto we are proud to say we enjoy achieving.

At the heart of all Jindara certified woodheaters is a 100% Australian made durable steel firebox backed by our Ten Year Warranty. All models also have a large neo-ceramic self-cleaning door glass. Also included on the Riverina and Barossa models is a 3-speed fan to provide even faster warmth circulation. Certified to all relevant Australian standards, including the stringent AS-4013-1999 environmental emissions standard, accepted by all pollution control authorities, the range offers quality, style and outstanding performance, exactly as you would expect from a true Australian legend."

Jindara zero clearance

Zero clearance wood heaters are insulated fireboxes that can be 'boxed in' to look like a normal inbuilt fireplace without the need of a masonry chimney. The finished style is up to you - dress it traditionally with a mantelpiece or hit it with a coat of paint for a modern no fuss look. Your new Jindara fireplace can be installed in a day and will add a special new dimension to your living area and real value to your home.

jindara zero clearance wood heaters

Jindara zero clearance box (pic # 2) PRICE.....$1,000.00
Zero clearance box height............1080mm
Zero clearance box width.............1200mm
Zero clearance box depth..............535mm


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