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Focus Filiofocus suspended wood fireplace 

FILIOFOCUS - The indoor firepit with style. The Filiofocus telescopic hood drops from the ceiling to the firepit which can be cut into the floor or mounted on a steel base.

PRICE FILIOFOCUS 1600............................$31,300.00
PRICE FILIOFOCUS 2000............................$35,500.00
PRICE FILIOFOCUS TELESCOPIC...............$48,950.00



Focus Filiofocus suspended wood fireplace next to stairs

Focus Filiofocus suspended wood fireplace in hotel

Focus Filiofocus suspended wood fireplace open style

Focus Filiofocus suspended wood fireplace with glass

Focus Filiofocus suspended wood fireplace in hotel with glass

Focus Filiofocus suspended wood fireplace black finish

Focus Filiofocus suspended wood fireplace telescopic



Focus wood heaters

  THE FOCUS SLIMFOCUS WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE   SLIMFOCUS - The newest addition to the Focus range is the Slimfocus. With it's beautifull sleek design and asthetic fluid shape, this...

  THE FOCUS FILIOFOCUS WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE   FILIOFOCUS - The indoor firepit with style. The Filiofocus telescopic hood drops from the ceiling to the firepit which can be cut into...

  THE FOCUS ANTEFOCUS WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE ANTEFOCUS - Decades after its creation, each Antefocus is still built to order — by hand — in polished raw steel. With timeless ellegance and...

  THE FOCUS BATHYSCAFOCUS WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE   BATHYSCAFOCUS - Taking its inspiration from the dynamic majesty of the sea, this round, contemporary fireplace pivots so the flame can...

  THE FOCUS GYROFOCUS WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE GYROFOCUS - This stunning work of art rotates 360 degrees. Designed in 1968, this hanging fireplace is the signature creation of Focus...

  THE FOCUS PAXFOCUS WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE   PAXFOCUS - Make a mural of your home's warm heart. The PaxFocus is the wall-hugging adaptation of the ErgoFocus, our best seller in...

  THE FOCUS BATHYSCAFOCUS HUBLOT WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE   BATHYSCAFOCUS HUBLOT - A beautiful orb of warmth, The BathyscaFocus Hublot offers all the convenience of a slow combustion...

  THE FOCUS ERGOFOCUS WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE   ERGOFOCUS - Perfectly marrying form and function, the ErgoFocus is perhaps the best known fireplace in our range – and for good reason....

Focus fireplaces

A beautiful fireplace offers more than just warmth — it is the heart of any home. Whether indoor or outdoor a fire is an ever-changing, living sculpture.

That’s why Oblica is proud to be the exclusive home of Focus, makers of the most beautiful contemporary designer fireplaces on the market. Our range also includes other unique fireplaces, stoves, outdoor fire pits and wood storage accessories by some of Europe’s best manufacturers.

Discover the full range of suspended fireplaces and other modern fireplaces and stoves by Focus, Invicta and Skantherm at our Brookvale or Oak Flats showrooms.

Focus is, among other things:the trademark for the company ‘Atelier Dominique Imbert’ SAS
the head office located since the company’s inception at Viols le Fort, a medieval village at the foot of the Cevennes
the model Antefocus, created in 1967
the model Gyrofocus, created in 1968
a range currently consisting of 65 fireplace models
100 models created since 1980
3,500 fireplaces sold in 2013
80 employees (30 at Viols le Fort in Hérault, and 50 at Cavaillon in Vaucluse)
40 partner-distributors in France
38 partner-distributors abroad
a turnover of 15 million euros in 2013But Atelier Dominique Imbert is above all the continuing adventure of a small workshop in the south of France gradually gaining the trust and loyalty of all its collaborators as well as the recognition of its peers and the public around the world.For ethical reasons, all Focus models are made in France and a number of them are highly energy-efficient, while retaining the characteristic, original and contemporary design of the Focus trademark.

Our metallic fireplaces are designed to radiate and diffuse heat. Although Focus's primary aim is aesthetic, the very nature of the materials used and their high quality enables performance to be allied with style.Steel is an excellent heat conductor. Depending on the model, a contiguous volume of up to 350 m3 can be kept warm by a Focus fireplace. The quality of the wood burned and the position of the fireplace in the home are important considerations for optimum heating efficiency.




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