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Clean Air wood heaters

For over ten years, Clean Air wood heaters has continued to research and develop advanced firebox technology to produce the most advanced wood heater in Australia, with long burn times and superior burn technology. The secret is the heat exchanger system, patented firebox design and quad burn system but that's only part of the story. Clean Air also pioneered the development of the zero clearance slow combustion wood heater.

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Clean Air freestanding wood heater models

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  CLEAN AIR SMALL FREESTANDING   - The Clean Air small console slow combustion wood heater is just like the rest of the Clean Air stable–outstanding ! Rated at 18 squares. ...
  CLEAN AIR MEDIUM FREESTANDING   - The Clean Air Medium console is a monster freestanding wood heater. All the Clean Air fireboxes are high grade steel and the patented convective ...
  CLEAN AIR LARGE FREESTANDING     - The Clean Air Large Console like its smaller brothers delivers the longest burn times for any clean burn wood heater yet tested in Australia. ...

Clean Air inbuilt and zero clearance wood heater models

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  CLEAN AIR STANDARD INBUILT SMALL   - The Clean Air Small inbuilt wood heater will blow you away with stunning heating performance produced from the patented heat exchange system which ...
  CLEAN AIR STANDARD MEDIUM INBUILT   - The Clean Air Standard insert wood heater is pictured here with optional Chrome Door. Stainless steel baffle, patented heat exchange and the Clean ...
  CLEAN AIR STANDARD LARGE INBUILT   - The Clean Air Large Standard inbuilt wood heater really is a standard. With its classic lines, monstrous capacity and all the bits that make Clean ...
  CLEAN AIR EDWARDIAN MEDIUM INBUILT   - The Clean Air Edwardian inbuilt wood heater has minimal side fascia so is an excellent choice for the renovator who wants to dress close i.e. ...

Clean Air wood heaters

Clean Air Wood Heaters are designed  in Australia especially for Australian winters, and are ideal for energy efficient home heating. Our longer burn times, genuine overnight burn rates, lower emissions, higher efficiencies and better air flow throughout your home simply mean that Clean Air Wood Heaters is the perfect choice when quality is paramount.

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clean air premium zero clearance wood heaters

The large, flat glass door is a design feature of Clean Air wood heaters that adds appeal and minimises glass replacement costs. The hot air wash over the glass is designed to keep the glass clean under normal operating conditions.

Clean Air wood heaters are designed and tested to the highest Australian Standards and EPA requirements, and to demonstrate our commitment to the protection of the environment Clean Air contributes to Land Care for the conservation of Australia’s renewable fuel resources through the planting of more trees.

Low maintenance and economic heating performance are expected of a wood heater, and Clean Air has produced just that – a wood heater that requires little more than a load of wood and the turn of a knob, but which produces an amazing amount of heat for an exceptionally long period.

Clean Air wood heaters are available in a range of colours including  Pewter Golden, Fire Brown, and Charcoal. Please see your Dealer for colour samples.



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