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Wood heaters are available in several styles from ambient open fires like the Heatmaster series to more efficient sealed slow combustion wood fires that can burn for much longer periods and produce more heat with less fuel. The open wood fireplaces rely on a convective box to heat up an passively convect the hot air into the room but at the same time radiant heat is produced from the flames. The slow combustion wood heaters can be radiant or convective or a mix of both as in the case of some Lopi wood heaters and the Eureka Nugget. Generally if you want a heater for an open area especially if you have high ceilings, and you can place the heater in a central position, then a radiant wood heater sized for the area will do the job well. If on the other hand you have a standard house with living areas at one end with a hallway and bedrooms branching off the hallway then a convective wood heater will move the warm air more efficiently through the house. All wood heaters are available as freestanding or inbuilt and come in many styles from the more traditional to a sleek modern look. If you have any questions on how to choose the right heater for your home, call or email us we'll be more than happy to talk you through the options.

Regency wood heaters

regency wood heater b

Regency wood heaters:
9 Freestanding units
4 Inbuilt units
4 Zero Clearance units

Eureka Wood Heaters

eureka wood heaters a

Eureka wood heaters:
13 Freestanding units
7 Inbuilt units
5 Zero clearance units
4 Double Sided Units


Focus Wood Heaters

focus fireplace a

Focus wood fireplaces:
1 Freestanding Unit
7 Suspended Units
3 Wall Mounted Units

Hergom Wood Heaters

Hergom wood heater b

Hergom Wood Heaters:
5 Freestanding Units

Clean Air Wood Heaters

clean air freestanding wood heater a

Clean Air Wood Heaters:
6 Freestanding Units
4 Inbuilt Units

Heatmaster wood heaters

heat master open wood fireplace a

HeatMaster Wood Heaters:
7 Freestanding Units
7 Inbuilt Units

Lopi wood heaters

lopi wood heaters b

Lopi wood heaters:
6 Freestanding units
3 Inbuild units
2 Zero clearance units

Jindara Wood Heaters

 Jindara side bar 1

Jindara wood heaters:
15 Freestanding Units
10 Inbuilt Units
3 Zero Clearance Units4 Double Sided Units


ADF Wood Heaters

adf wood heaters a

ADF wood heaters:
4 Freestading Units
2 Inbuilt Units

Austroflamm Wood Heaters

austroflamm dexter wood heater a

Austroflamm Wood Heaters:
3 Freestanding Units

Morso wood heaters

morso wood heater b

Morso Wood Heaters:
11 Freestanding Units

Invicta wood heaters

Invicta wood heater a

Invicta Wood Heaters:
5 Freestanding Units

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