Outdoor fires and heating.



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Because of their well built strength and durability, the Heatmaster range of wood heaters make an excellent choice as an outdoor addition. They can be built into a timber frame as a zero clearance installation or encased in masonry. Click on the small pic to the left to see the Heatmaster outdoor gallery.

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dimensions a series1 dimensions a series2


Model # A B C D E F G H Active Flue
A450 595 395 670 195 205 195 90 100 150
A650 840 470 680 315 230 315 155 110 175
A750 910 495 680 325 260 325 140 95 200
A900 1060 565 740 400 260 400 180 125 200


dimensions bseries 1 dimensions b series2


Model # A B C D E F G H I J Active Flue
B450 590 340 575 670 485 160 165 160 60 115 150
B650 806 380 595 647 680 247 185 247 85 110 175
B750 905 435 635 685 785 287 210 287 105 120 200
B900 1055 480 695 730 935 362 210 362 125 145 200

Outdoor gas fireplaces

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  THE ESCEA EF5000 OUTDOOR GAS FIREPLACE The ESCEA EF5000 outdoor gas fireplace is the market leader. It is constructed with marine grade stainless steel and comes with a choice of black or ...
  THE REGENCY HZO42 OUTDOOR GAS FIREPLACE WITH STAINLESS STEEL FASCIA.  The success of the Regency Gemfire series can now be extended to outdoor living areas. All of the sophisticated, ...

Outdoor gas flame and heating

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  THE AWARD WINNING LOPI TEMPEST TORCH GAS LAMP.  These exciting outdoor gas flares will accentuate any outdoor entertaining area with a bold presence. They seem to suggest an image of ...
  THE BROMIC PLATINUM OUTDOOR GAS HEATER.  The Bromic Platinum wall mounted outdoor gas heaters spread an even warmth for a good distance around and because it is radiant heat, it is effective. ...
  THE BROMIC TUNGSTEN OUTDOOR GAS HEATER.  The Bromic Tungsten wall mounted outdoor gas heaters feature electronic ignition, omni directional bracket, wind resistance and automatic re-ignition ...
  THE BROMIC TUNGSTEN PORTABLE OUTDOOR GAS HEATER.  The Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable Gas Radiant Heater is the synthesis of cutting edge design, world first engineering and practical ...

Outdoor wood fireplaces

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  THE HEATMASTER OUTDOOR INBUILT WOOD FIREPLACE GALLERY.  Because of their well built strength and durability, the Heatmaster range of wood heaters make an excellent choice as an ...
  THE ESCEA EW5000 OUTDOOR WOOD FIREPLACE WITH STAINLESS STEEL FASCIA AND COOKING PLATE.  The Escea EW5000 will not only add a dramatic presence to any alfresco entertaining area, it ...
  THE FOCUS OUTDOOR WOOD BURNING FIREPLACES   FOCUS OUTDOOR FIREPLACES - The Focus range of wood burning fireplaces can be installed in any outdoor setting that will support the weight ...
  FIREART FIREPITS These Aussie made firepits are thick gauge solid steel designed to stand the test of time. The Teppanyaki pits follow classic Japanese tradition creating an unforgetable ...

Outdoor electric fireplaces

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  HEATSTRIP OUTDOOR RADIAN PANELS - BLACK.  Outdoor electric radiant panel heaters by Heatstrip. Because they use the radiant heat principal, Heatstrip can provide an effective and ...

Outdoor fire tables

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  REGENCY OUTDOOR FIRE TABLES.       Regency’s versatile firetables are perfect for outdoor entertaining. At 20" tall, the sleek linear style of the Regency Plateau™ coffee fire table creates the ...


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   CAST IRON CHIMINEAS.  Chimineas will return soon.      

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Studio Electric Glass

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The outstanding Gazco Studio Electric range is available in a choice of three portrait and landscape sizes. With a choice of contemporary styles and simple ‘hang on the wall’ installation, these advanced technology electric fires can add stylish warmth to almost any room in your home with the ultimate ease. All Studio electric fires benefit from remote operation and feature an additional thermostatic control.

Fireplace accessories

Fire accessories

Focus fireplaces

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Escea gas fires

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Biofuel fires

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Cocoon fires

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Stovax wood heater

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Lopi gas fires

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Escea mobile

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Regency gas heaters

Regency GF900


Beafeater BBQ

Studio Electric Verve

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