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HEATMASTER GAS FIREPLACE INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS - can be viewed by clicking the small pic on the left. Heatmaster Outdoor Lifestyle Designs present an exciting way to liven up the great outdoors CLICK HERE to view.

Brick installation - Building a fireplace.

reno brickwork
  1. Lay brickwork to hearth level.
  2. Place Heatmaster in position on hearth.
  3. Lay brickwork to lintel level and place lintel.
  4. Install first length of flue.
  5. Lay brickwork to ceiling level.
  6. Install additional lengths of flue and roof flashing.
  7. Fix cowl to top of flue.
  8. Light your fire.

Brick Installation - Renovating an existing fireplace.

reno exploded reno exist
  1. Clean out existing opening, removing old fireplace, raise lintel and renovate hearth as required. Dimensions shown are the minimum openings necessary. Install flue into chimney.
  2. Push Heatmaster into opening and connect flue and cowl. The fireplace is now complete except for any decorative treatment you may desire.
  3. Optional decorative facing may now be affixed if required.

Zero Clearance Installations.

heatmaster b6b 1 heatmaster b6b 2 heatmaster b6b 3
  1. The starting point for your new Heatmaster open fireplace is picking the location, a spare section of wall space or perhaps an unused corner. After selecting your fireplace, size the opening appropriately conforming to the relevant clearances and erect frame.
  2. Install selected insulated Heatmaster firebox ( 'A' series ) on approved hearth and add flue sections penetrating ceiling.
  3. Enclose framing with plasterboard/gyprock or timber panelling ( we recommend villaboard ) again ensuring approved clearances are maintained. ( sides 25mm, top 100mm & rear 25mm )
  4. Choosing from the range of decorative or plain fascias and mantelpieces available, you can complete your fireplace in any style you desire.

Heatmaster gas heater models

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  HEATMASTER SEEMLESS LANDSCAPE FIREPLACE THE HEATMASTER SEEMLESS LANDSCAPE GAS FIREPLACE - The new Heatmaster Seemless Landscape gas fireplace is is a popular choice with designers and ...
  HEATMASTER ENVIRO PRICES THE HEATMASTER ENVIRO GAS FIRE - The new Heatmaster gas fire is a glass front sealed unit available in Black or Stainless Steel with a choice of logs, coals or ...
  HEATMASTER ENVIRO FLUE INSTALLATION GUIDE THE HEATMASTER ENVIRO INSTALLATION GUIDE - The Heatmaster Enviro gas fire can be installed almost anywhere due to it's zero clearance design so ...
  HEATMASTER GAS FIREPLACE INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS HEATMASTER GAS FIREPLACE INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS - can be viewed by clicking the small pic on the left. Heatmaster Outdoor Lifestyle ...

All gas heaters should be installed by an accredited tradesman in accordance with local codes if any
or to ANSI Z223.1 - 1992 and NFPA 54(88) and the requirements listed in the owners manual.

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