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The Eureka Star can be installed into an existing fireplace and flued up the chimney or it can be 'boxed' into a framed enclosure as a zero clearance installation. The framing dimensions as well as the unit dimensions are listed here. Click the picture on the left. If you decide to flue horizontally straight out an external wall, it is important to support the flues so that there is no dip where condensation can gather.

The Eureka Star has a power flue system which enables
maximum installation flexibility. See below for details.
PRICE flue system.................Included
BOX HEIGHT mm.............668
FASCIA HEIGHTmm.........753
BOX WIDTH mm..............799
FASCIA WIDTHmm..........894
BOX DEPTH mm..............375

Eureka gas heater models

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  THE EUREKA CRYSTAL INBUILT GAS FLAME FIRE THE EUREKA CRYSTAL INBUILT gas log fire can be set up with logs and coals or pebbles. PRICE EUREKA CRYSTAL ENGINE.................$3,590.00PRICE ...
  THE EUREKA CRYSTALFREESTANDING GAS FLAME FIRE WITH PEDESTAL THE EUREKA CRYSTAL FREESTANDING WITH PEDESTAL - The Eureka Crystal freestanding gas flame fire with optional pedestal presents a ...
  THE EUREKA CRYSTAL OPTIONAL REMOTE CONTROL THE EUREKA CRYSTAL REMOTE CONTROL - The Eureka Crystal gas flame fire is also available with a remote control. Set the temperature to your ...
  THE EUREKA CRYSTAL DIMENSIONS THE EUREKA CRYSTAL DIMENSIONS - The Eureka Crystal gas flame fire dimensions. If you intend installing into an existing fireplace, check here to make sure the ...

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  THE EUREKA STAR GAS FLAME FIRE The Eureka Star comes complete with flue kit, remote control and a 5.1 gas energy rating. The Star can heat large ares due to an efficiency level of ...
  THE EUREKA STAR GAS FLUE SYSTEM The Eureka Star power flue system is part of the reason the Star is so efficient. It also provides flexibility in mode of installation. Click on the small ...
  THE EUREKA STAR GAS FLUE SYSTEM The Eureka Star can be installed into an existing fireplace and flued up the chimney or it can be 'boxed' into a framed enclosure as a zero clearance ...

The Eureka Crystal has created plenty of interest in it's time. It's efficient, great looking and yes Eureka are an Aussie company. The Crystal gas heater has many features including a ceramic mat which diffuses the flame pattern to create an unparalleled flame picture. Set the temperature and two 'on' - 'off ' periods per day ( up to seven days ) with the optional remote control. Available in stainless steel and satin black, the Crystal is a winner.

The Eureka Star gas flame fire is available in black or stainless steel with a chrome trim option. It comes with a remote control and a power flue system that offfers many installation options. This simply means that the Eureka Star has huge heating power and can be installed practically anywhere. Big heat and great looks!

All gas heaters should be installed by an accredited tradesman in accordance with local codes if any
or to ANSI Z223.1 - 1992 and NFPA 54(88) and the requirements listed in the owners manual.

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