DX1500 frameless install

The Escea DX 1500 is a masterpiece of design and technology. This beautiful fire has it all. High efficiency, choice of fuel bed, heat ducting technology, zero clearance installation, smart phone control and two dress fascia options.

Escea DX1500 pricing

Escea DX1500 Fascia fuel

Escea DX1500 2

Escea DX1500 1

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The Escea DX1500 Installation and Ducting.

The Escea DX1500 Installation and Ducting - The ducts transport warm air through the ceilings, walls, and floors, circulating heat not just within the room, but throughout the house and even between levels.

This is a fully insulated firebox which uses the unit as a return air much the same as a standard central heating system meaning very little heat is produced from the face of the fireplace itself. No safety screens are required.

Send us your house plans for a specially designed ducting system.