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Energysavers gas fires

One of Australia’s most popular energy saver convectors, the Rinnai Energysaver® is the perfect choice if you want the best in comfort, safety and efficiency in heating. Abbey Fireplaces sell two units, the Energysaver 309FT and the 559FT. These units are powerflued and thermostatically controlled and have efficiency levels that can out perform most other heating systems. An inbuilt humidifier adds to the comfort and the powerflue brings air for combustion from the outside and expels the emissions so your room air stays clean and healthy. The Rinnai Energysavers also have dual programmable timers, a programmable delay function, a pre-heat function an economy mode function and comprehensive safety features.


Energysavers gas heater models

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  THE RINNAI ENERGYSAVER 309FT.  THE RINNAI ENERGYSAVER 309FT -The 309FT Energysaver is the smallest model and due to its compact size is ideal for heating smaller living areas. Due to its 'room ...
  THE RINNAI ENERGYSAVER 559FT.  THE RINNAI ENERGYSAVER 559FT - The 559FT heater are the most popular choice of power flued space heaters for Australian homes. Sized to heat large living areas, ...

Rinnai Energysavers are a great way to heat areas

Rinnai Energysavers are a great way to heat areas such as bedrooms or areas that are seperated from the main living room and are generally hard to heat. These compact and stylish heaters can be installed almost anywhere and with a long list of functions and safety features, they provide a cost effective and efficient means of heat.


Rinnai now offer a large range of Flame Fires including both freestanding and inbuilt designs, and an open style convective fire called the Constellation. In addition you can select from easy push-button models or the latest electronic units that include, full thermostatic comfort, remote control operation and convenient programmable timers. Rinnai are at the forefront in design and function with their flame fires and the Aspiration with its unique 'bendable' power flue means there is a Rinnai gas flame fire for any installation requirement.

All gas heaters should be installed by an accredited tradesman in accordance with local codes if any
or to ANSI Z223.1 - 1992 and NFPA 54(88) and the requirements listed in the owners manual.

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