Kalfire G80/48F Single Sided Gas Fireplace

Kalfire 9 

The Kalfire G80/48F gas fire is


KALFIRE G80/48FKALFIRE G80/48FØ130/200 Front Model,

Standard With 3D Burner,

4-Sided Mounting Trim (3 cm deep, 4 mm wide)

Front Glass Anti Reflective Glass

Interior Black Ceramic Glass

Fillings Cryptonite

Exclusive Ceramic Log

Price $12,00.00 Incl GST


 Kalfire G80 48F 2

Kalfire G80 48F 1

Kalfire G80 48F dimensions

kalfire G80 48F backing

kalfire G160 41F filling 

Kalfire mounting trims 1

kalfire imatch remote control