As all gas fireplaces are different in the way they can be flued and therefore installed, be sure to check the specs on the various gas heater pages.

Gas log or pebble fires come in many variations so it is important to consult an expert to ensure that the gas fire you buy will do what you want and can be flued to suit your requirements. Open style gas fireplaces certainly have the ambience factor but can be low on the heating scale so if you are after more than just good looks you may want to consider a sealed unit as these are generally more efficient. The sealed or glass fronted gas fires also vary substantially in features and fllueing for example there are B vent ( traditionally flued up through the roof or out the wall at 45 degrees ), DV or direct vent and power flued units. The power flue systems are usually the most efficient ( although the flame pattern tends to suffer ) and like the DV fires they bring the combustion air in from outside and expel the emissions back outside - a two way flue system that allows for the flue to terminate on the outside of an external wall instead of having to flue through the roof or eve.

It can be a tricky business to get the desired result so contact us for expert advice and we will point you in the right direction. A beautiful gas flame fire is an investment in your property value and with our team of top notch installers and service technicians you won't go wrong.

Regency gas fireplaces

regency GF1500 gas fireplace

Regency Gas Fireplaces:
1 Freestanding Unit
1 Inbuilt Unit
8 Direct Vent Units

Ortal gas fireplaces

Ortal Gas Fireplace b

Ortal Gas Fireplaces:
7 Shape Designs
Multiple Sizes for each design

DaVinci gas fireplaces

DaVinci gas fire a

DaVinci Gas Fireplaces:
7 Models
4 Sizes Each Model
Total Customise Design

Lopi gas fireplaces

Lopi 4415 gas fireplace

Lopi Gas Fireplaces:
2 Freestanding Units
4 Chimney Insert Units
12 Direct Vent Units

Escea gas fireplaces

Escea DS1650 Gas Fireplace

Escea Gas Fireplaces:
12 Inbuilt Units
1 Freestanding Unit

Kalfire gas fireplaces

Kalfire gas fireplace b

Kalfire Gas Fireplaces:
2 Corner Units
2 Three Sided Units
2 Single Sided Units




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