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Air transfer systems

Hydor Heat Transfer Kits are designed to draw warm air from a room with a heat source such as a fireplace or potbelly stove, and deliver this warm air to other areas of the house. Hydor Heat Transfer Kits is perfect for warming one or more bedrooms before going to bed at night.

Hydor split system thumbThe One to One Room Kit includes a fan, insulated duct, adjustable grilles and duct tape. The One to Two and One to Three Room Kits include a fan, insulated duct, adjustable grilles, branch take-off, 2-speed switch and duct tape.

2-speed switch provides easy airflow adjustment to ensure you receive the desired amount of warmth.

It's as warm as toast in the room with the fireplace, but absolutely freezing in the rest of the house.

Hydor kits thumbSound familiar? Then you need a Hydor Heat Transfer Kit to economically transfer warm air to other rooms in the house without installing additional heating equipment at great expense.

  • Easy to install
  • Economical to run
  • 3 kits to choose from

Hydor diagram thumbWhen planning a Hydor air transfer system for your home, it is a good idea to upsize the heater output in the main room so you have plenty of heat to disperse to the other rooms without leaving the main room too cool. If you are thinking of a gas flame fire, there are two models on the market that can be ducted off the heater. The Coonara Grange Classic and the Heatmaster Enviro. For all wood heaters you can use a Hydor air transfer system ducted from the ceiling as shown in the diagram.

The AirXchanger is ideal for use as a means of transferring either warm or cool air from one room to another in your home, thus increasing the effectiveness of existing heating or cooling systems. The AirXchanger incorporates a powerful in-line motor that can move 325m3/h of air.

In addition the AirXchanger is also very effective for the removal of moisture and steam laden air from bathrooms. It allows the dirct expulsion of this air to the atmosphere, eliminating steam build up in the roof space that can occur with traditional bathroom extraction fans. Available in 240 volt or 12 volt units.


airxchanger grille airxchanger
 Specially designed diffusuer grille suitable for easy installation in gyprock ceilings and fibreboard eaves. Designed to minimise pressure loses and to facilitate cleaning.


AirXchanger Kit includes:

1 x High performance fan, suitable for high moisture environments.
2 x Edmonds Air Master 150 ceiling grilles, with removable face grille for cleaning.
1 x 6 mtrs. of ducting.
1 x Roll of duct tape.


240 Volt AC..........$319.00
12 Volt DC............$385.00

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