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Stove Bright masonry cleaner. 

fireplace accessories masonry cleaner

Fireplace accessories: Stove Bright masonry cleaner. Cleans soot and charcoal off brick and stone surfaces.

Fire fenders were originally used as a barrier to logs rolling out of the fireplace if they fell from the fire grate as well as providing a decorative dress solution for the front of the fireplace. These days fire fenders are used more for decoration even with inbuilt gas fireplaces as they finish the 'look' of a nice fireplace.

Fire fenders

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  FIRE FENDER 3.  These Melton Craft fire fenders are adjustable to 0.43 metre and so are able to fit most fireplaces. These are the only sizes they come in and further adjustment is ...

These are the only fire grates we have at this time however we will be providing a greater selection of fire grates in the future. The Castworks heavy-duty cast iron fire grates (GR 1) are more expensive than the others but will last a lot longer.


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  GRATE 1.  Castworks fire grates are robust and made from quality cast that will last well. They are more expensive than some of the others but well worth the extra dollars.

Wood carriers or wood holders are essential fireplace accessories and we have even more in store. Our last years stock of wood carriers still has a few models left that are not listed here so wander in if you're local and ask for our best price.

Wood carriers

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  WOOD CARRIER 2.  Wood Carrier #2: This wood holder features an attractive pewter enamel finish. Comes as an easy to assemble package.
  WOOD CARRIER 4.  Wood Carrier #4: This wood holder features an attractive black wrought iron frame and a handy, heavy duty removable 'bag' that makes it easy to collect a bundle of ...
  WOOD CARRIER 9.  Wood Carrier #9 : This wood holder features an attractive steel loop design with a handy tray. PRICE .........$119.00

Fireplace accessories: Stove Bright heat proof paint is the same paint the heater manufacturers use on wood and gas heaters and is recognised as the best available. Stove Bright heat proof paint is easy to use, fast drying with excellent coverage and makes small repairs like scratches easy to fix or if you are tired of the colour of your existing heater, why not respray it for a refreshing new look.

Paints and cleaners

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  Stove Bright heat proof paint.  Fireplace accessories: Heat proof paint by Stove Bright as used by the heater manufacturers on most wood and gas heaters. It's available in about 40 ...
  Stove Bright heat proof paint.  Fireplace accessories: Heat proof paint by Stove Bright is available in these colours and more. Ask us.
  Stove Bright fire starter.  Fireplace accessories: Fire starter gel by Stove bright makes it easy. Napalm that firewood - it's safer than petrol.
  Stove Bright masonry cleaner.  Fireplace accessories: Stove Bright masonry cleaner. Cleans soot and charcoal off brick and stone surfaces.

Abbey Fireplaces can supply ceramic rope door seals, ceramic glass tape, heat proof sealant and firebricks to suit all the heaters on these pages - all you need to re-furbish a tired older wood heater. We can also supply any available spare parts for any of the heaters (gas or wood) listed on this site.

Ropes, seals, etc…

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  Ceramic rope door & glass seals.  Fireplace accessories: Ceramic rope door seals and glass tape. The door seal rope comes in six different guages.
  Thermoseal heat proof putty.  Fireplace accessories: Thermoseal is a heat proof putty that can be dispensed from a caulking gun or a small squeeze bottle and will seal any gaps in ...

Masport Log Splitter

masport logsplitter5T smallThe versatile Masport electric powered LOG SPLITTERS will make cutting up your firewood a breeze. The latest model now has a huge hydraulic ram force of 7 ton of power to cut a huge range of log sizes. Ideal for all fire wood cutting jobs around the home or lifestyle block.

Hot Water Jacket (No Longer Available)

hot water boost smallThis universal hot water jacket will fit almost any slow combustion wood heater and will provide hot water for an open pressure gravity fed system. They don't come with any specifications except those listed here as there are too many variables in effect ie. firebox size, type of wood being burned etc.

They fit into the heater spiggot and become the first flue, the rest of the flue system fluing off them.

They are made of heavy duty stainless steel (double layer) with a small gap that accommodates and heats the water.

LPG and Natural Gas Alarms

gas detector smallA new protection against a volitile gas that is used in many homes, boats, campervans and industries.

These gas alarms have been designed to provide a safer environment where LPG or Natural gas is used. Leaking gas can become a silent killer and if undiscovered can render people unconscious. These alarms will give you a warning that gas is present before you light a flame or accidentally create a spark.

With the potential to save lives and prevent damage, they are an essential safety appliance for all users of LPG or Natural gas.


  • Dimensions: - 120mm x 80mm x 40mm -----------------Weight: - 230 to 270 grams depending on model
  • Power Consumption: - Less than 3 Watts---------------Visual & audio alarm @ 70dB or greater
  • Detects gas leakage and triggers an alarm when the gas level reaches 10% of the LEL (lowest explosion limit) in the air.
  • Both alarms have a test button facility. The LPG alarm will only detect LPG gas and the Natural gas alarm will only detect Natural gas.

The MORSO Moisture Meter

moisture meter smallThe moisture meter is specially designed for measuring the moisture content of firewood. The instrument is easy to use and has a user friendly design. Simply follow the instructions and your meter will give you many years of enjoyable use.

Wood used for burning in stoves and slow combustion wood heaters must have the right moisture content to ensure environmentally friendly and economical combustion.

Now you can tell if your firewood supplier is doing the right thing. It pays to keep them honest as it's not only your money but your neighbours that will thank you.

Fireproof gloves

fire glove smallFireproof gloves are very handy for picking up firewood, arranging logs in the fire or handeling anything that is very hot. Safe and durable.







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