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See how Smartburn can make your wood fire burn more efficiently.

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$55.00 ea PLUS POSTAGE

SmartBurn is a scientifically proven Pollution Reduction Device that reduces smoke haze and particulate emissions by up to 50% from domestic wood combustion heaters. SmartBurn is also a Chimney Flue Cleaner that removes black soot and flammable sap deposits from the fire box, around the window, and up the chimney, therefore enabling the fire to burn up to 17% hotter and reducing chimney fire risk.

As the combustion process has been improved more value is then gained from the wood used. SmartBurn contains a mixture of non-toxic natural ingredients and for best results SmartBurn should be replaced every 3 months. Each SmartBurn prevents approximately 15 kg of smoke haze and particulate emissions from entering the atmosphere. SmartBurn is proudly Australian Invented, Manufactured and Owned.