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Fire screens

JC0184...$190.00        JC2002BK...$270.00        JC382BK...$190.00

JC380LBK...$270.00           JC2828LBK...$320.00

 Firescreens can be handy for several reasons whether it be keeping small children from burning themselves, stopping sparks or embers from flying out of the fireplace or just as a dressing piece. Abbey Fireplaces has a good range of solidly built firescreens to cater for all requirements. Contact us for stock levels as these can change constantly due to unavailability of certain product.


Fire Screens - Fire Tools - Hearths - Mantels

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FIRE SCREENS JC0184...$190.00        JC2002BK...$270.00        JC382BK...$190.00 JC380LBK...$270.00           JC2828LBK...$320.00 ...
  MORSO AND MAXIHEAT HEARTHS    Maxiheat Tile Hearths Tile Hearths are perhaps the most common and many people can make one themselves. Maxiheat tile hearths come in two ...
  FIREPLACE MANTELPIECES Our range of mantels can change periodically so please contact us for latest stock availability. Mantepieces of any design can be made from timber then polished or ...
FIRE TOOLS   Fire tools are very handy if not neccessary for a slow combustion wood heater, a wood firebox insert or an open fireplace. Choose from our range of fire tools and call us for a ...

Ropes - Sealants - Brushes - Fire Bricks etc

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  CERAMIC DOOR ROPE & GLASS SEAL  Fireplace accessories: Ceramic rope door seals and glass tape. The door seal rope comes in six different guages.
  CHIMNEY AND FLUE BRUSHES  Fireplace accessories: Chimney brushes are available in different shapes and sizes. Ask us, as selection availability seems to change from year to year. ...
  HEAT PROOF PUTTY, SEALANT, CLEANERS ETC.   Stove Bright products include high temperature sealant, gasket cement, high temperature silicon,firestarter, stainless steel cleaner and ...
FIRE GRATES    Castworks fire grates are robust and made from quality cast that will last well. They are more expensive than some of the others but well worth the extra dollars.

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