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Icon Linear bio-fuel burner installed 


 PRICE Slimline 500 Burner..................... $1,650.00
 PRICE Slimline 800 Burner..................... $2,095.00
 PRICE Slimline 1100 Burner................... $2,995.00
 PRICE Slimline 1400 Burner................... $3,595.00

 PRICE Commercial Mid Burner 614....... $2,495.00
 PRICE Commercial Long Burner 914..... $2,795.00


Icon Linear bio-fuel burners price list


Icon Linear burner

Icon Linear burner features

Icon Linear burner SB500

Icon Linear burner SB800

Icon Linear burner SB1100

Icon Linear burner SB1400

 Icon commercial bio-fuel burner 614

Icon commercial bio-fuel burner 914



Icon slimline bio-fuel fires


The Slimline range offers the industry’s longest linear burners that produce a stretched continuous flame for dramatic effect. All burners are designed for custom installations both indoor and outdoors. Fine detail and quality finishes distinguish Slimline Burners. The unique mounting frame enables flush fitting into the surface. Elegant proportions and the brushed stainless steel accentuate the long continuous flame.
Complementing the Slimline Linear Burners are matching Fireboxes designed for inbuilt installations. Their shallow depth simplifies fitting into compact settings. Black interiors enhance the flame’s appearance. With a choice of brushed stainless steel or black fascias to finish off the setting. Simple installation opens up endless positioning possibilities for Icon Fires Slimline Range.



Icon slimline bio-fuel fire installed

Icon slimline bio-fuel firebox 1100

Icon slimline bio-fuel firebox 1350

Icon slimline bio-fuel firebox 1650

Icon slimline bio-fuel firebox in stone

Icon slimline 1650 bio-fuel firebox installed

Icon slimline 1100 bio-fuel firebox installed

Icon slimline bio-fuel firebox installation



Icon commercial outdoor bio-fuel fireplace 


Performance driven bioethanol fires ...
Icon Fires Commercial Range offers an Industry first `performance driven’ bioethanol fireplace for indoor and outdoor spaces. The commercial range is designed for grand spaces delivering large dynamic flames with significant heat output. The Commercial Linear Burners have controllable flame size achieving temperature control, fuel efficiency and longer burning times, an industry first and exclusive to Icon Fires. You can create a unique fireplace or install them into existing masonry fireplaces. The Commercial Fireboxes used with the linear burners are available for inbuilt installations. The Commercial Fireboxes capture and direct the significant heat output efficiently into the room. Black interiors enhance the appearance of the flame. The Commercial Fireboxes are equally well suited for minimalist contemporary settings or traditional fireplaces with a mantelpiece




Icon commercial bio-fuel XL burner


Icon commercial bio-fuel classic firebox

Icon commercial bio-fuel XL firebox


Icon commercial bio-fuel XL firebox with stainless steel surround


Icon nero wall mount bio-fuel fireplace


It simply mounts on the wall ... Mounting a fire setting onto an interior wall is an exciting new way to bring a decorative fire into a living space.
Nero Wall Fires hang from a simple to fit wall bracket. The slender proportions of the Slimline Burners allow for an unobtrusive installation with Nero projecting just 170mm off the wall. Nero Wall Fires are available in three sizes to match the Slimline Burners in 800mm, 1100mm and 1400mm.

 Flame stability, efficiency, fuel economy and heat output are all enhanced with the latest burner technologies employed across the Icon Fires range. Heat output and flame effect can be controlled with all Icon Fires burners. An industry first and exclusive to Icon Fires for this style of burner.


 PRICE Nero 1150 Black.................$3,835.00
 PRICE Nero 1150 Stailess Steel....$3,950.00
 PRICE Nero 1450 Black.................$5,135.00
 PRICE Nero 1450 Stainless Steel..$5,250.00
 PRICE Nero 1750 Black.................$6,950.00
 PRICE Nero 1750 Stainless Steel..$7,195.00


Icon Nero 1150 wall mount bio-fuel fireplace

Icon Nero 1450 wall mount bio-fuel fireplace

Icon Nero 1750 wall mount bio-fuel fireplace

icon nero electric fireplace installation



Gas fireplaces are available in two styles, the open gas convection boxes or the glass fronted sealed units. Some are available with pebbles, logs or coals and generally the sealed gas fires are the more efficient.

Gas fireplaces are all different in their installation and flueing requirements but all these specifications are listed on the heater pages. If you're not sure, contact us .

The gas fireplaces listed on these pages are all tested and approved for the Australian market and all are flued so you won't have any problems with emissions or unburned gas fumes escaping into your living space.

Some of these gas flame fires are extremely efficient and some not so. You will notice that some companies call their fireplaces 'decorative' or 'ambient'. This means that not a great deal of heat is produced but they are intended more as a visual fireplace and there are some great looking styles available. Check on the relevant gas heater pages as the output or heating capacity will be listed. Most gas fires are available as zero clearance for flexibility of installation.

The gas fire brands we sell are Escea, Lopi, Regency, DaVinci, Kalfire and Ortal 

We know that most of you will want great looks and plenty of heat so there is a good selection here that will meet both criteria and most importantly, they are available at the right price. 

wood heater front page

The wood heaters represented on these pages are the best quality available in Australia today!

We are constantly researching fireplaces of all descriptions and we are confident that all the wood heaters and gas fires on these pages are the best in their class and will provide long and trouble free service.

The wood heater manufacturers listed here have different style heaters so the following guide will help. The four main styles of wood heaters are :-

  • Freestanding wood heaters.....Morso, Lopi, Regency, Hergom, Invicta, ADF, Clean Air, Jindara, Eureka, Focus, Austroflamm and Heatmaster
  • Inbuilt wood heaters.....Regency, Lopi, Eureka, Heatmaster, Jindara, Hergom and Clean Air
  • 2 door....Only Eureka and Jindara.
  • Zero clearance....Regency, CleanAir, Jindara, Eureka and Heatmaster.
  • Suspended....Focus.

All these styles can be achieved with open fireboxes or the all time favorites, the slow combustion wood heater. All except 2 door of course, which are available only as slow combustion (or wood heater with a sealed door).

Zero clearance wood fires are simply insulated fireboxes that are designed to be 'boxed' into a timber or metal framed surround and triple flued to create the inbuilt fireplace look. Some like the Heatmaster A series insulated fireboxes can also be freestanding.

Almost every fireplace requires some accessories such as a fire screen and fire tools and some just need a good dress up. Have a look through our 'General Information' section for all your fireplace accessories and general fireplace information.

The fireplace accessories section contains everything you may need for your fireplace operation and maintenance. 
Fireplace mantelpieces are available for most applications but please check with us for current status.

Abbey Fireplaces also represent wood fired and electric cookers by Esse and Thermalux

All gas fires should be installed by an accredited tradesman in accordance with local codes if any or to ANSI Z223.1 - 1992 and NFPA 54(88) and the requirements listed in the owners manual.

All wood heater installations should be carried out by a licenced tradesman in accordance with AS 2918.

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