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Eureka wood heaters

Eureka wood heaters have long been recognised as innovators when it comes to home heating. The range is large so there is bound to be a Eureka wood heater to suit your needs. From the adaptable and tough Nugget to the huge double door Duet, Eurekas attention to detail is evident. A zero clearance box is available for all Eureka inbuilt wood heaters.

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Eureka wood heating was first established in the late 80's with the Sovereign and Crown freestanding and inbuilt wood heaters, which featured patented secondary and tertiary air with heat exchangers fitted to the fireboxes. Over the years Eureka has developed an extensive range of wood heaters of different shapes and styles, and has established its market leadership with the release of their "bay-window" wood heaters in 1996. Since then Eureka has continued to develop, innovate and refine their range of wood and gas heaters so that today they present the largest range of heaters available from one company. In 2006 Eureka produced the new wood fired COOKER and the CRYSTAL gas heater to augment their impresive line-up. What's new for 2007 ? We'll keep you posted until then enjoy your new Eureka heater.

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Eureka Selection Series

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   EUREKA PEARL FREESTANDING   EUREKA PEARL FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER - Designed and built in Ararat, Victoria the new Selection Series by Eureka comes in two sizes. The Pearl is a medium size ...
   EUREKA RUBY FREESTANDING   EUREKA RUBY FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER - With it's sleek modern design and high efficiency the Ruby can heat up to 300 square metres. Low emissions and a three speed ...
   EUREKA RUBY INBUILT AND ZERO CLEARANCE   EUREKA RUBY INBUILT AND ZERO CLEARANCE WOOD HEATER - With it's modern sleek design and high efficiency the Ruby can heat up to 300 square metres. Low ...
   EUREKA PEARL INBUILT AND ZERO CLEARANCE     EUREKA PEARL INBUILT AND ZERO CLEARANCE WOOD HEATER - With it's modern sleek design and high efficiency the Ruby can heat up to 300 square metres. ...

Eureka freestanding heater models

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   EUREKA WOODSTOCK FREESTANDING EUREKA WOODSTOCK FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER - A variation of the popular Opal freestanding unit, but with the added feature of storage under the firebox. Comes with ...
  EUREKA GEMINI DOUBLE DOOR FREESTANDING EUREKA GEMINI DOUBLE DOOR - The Eureka Gemini freestanding is rated up to 28 squares and fills a demand for a rugged, efficient and powerful double ...
  EUREKA DUET DOUBLE DOOR THROUGH WALL EUREKA DUET DOUBLE DOOR - The Eureka Duet freestanding can heat an area up to 40 squares and provides maximum exposure to the flames with its twin panoramic ...
  EUREKA NUGGET FREESTANDING EUREKA NUGGET - The Eureka Nugget freestanding wood heater is a multi-purpose unit, usable for both heating and cooking. Rated at 12 squares without the fan and up to ...

Eureka inbuilt wood heater models

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  EUREKA GEMINI DOUBLE DOOR THROUGH WALL EUREKA GEMINI DOUBLE DOOR THRU WALL - The Eureka Gemini through wall, dual room wood heater is designed to be installed into a combustable interior wall ...
  EUREKA DUET DOUBLE DOOR THROUGH WALL EUREKA DUET DOUBLE DOOR THRU WALL - The Eureka Duet through wall wood heater has been designed to instal through a combustable interior wall or go for the ...
  EUREKA OPAL INBUILT EUREKA OPAL INBUILT - The Eureka Opal insert wood heater has been designed for the budget conscious buyer who wants maximum heat for their dollar. Features a large door, ...
  EUREKA GARNET INBUILT EUREKA GARNET INBUILT SERIES 4 WOOD HEATER - The Garnet Series 2 Insert is the largest flat glass unit in our range. Contemporary looking with an enormous burn chamber, ...

Eureka wood heater zero clearance models

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  EUREKA ZERO CLEARANCE INBUILT WOOD HEATERS A zero clearance installation can be created wherever you have a spare wall and the ability to flue the fireplace vertically.PRICE ZERO CLEARANCE ...


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