Carousel wood heaters

The Carousel woodheater or 'spinner fire' as it used to be known is a glass enclosed hood and base that drawes air in through the door. The door has an adjustable bracket that allows incremental gaps so the fire can be regulated by the amount of air that is let in. This linear injection of air causes the flames to swirl in a circular pattern providing an exciting flame picture. The Carousel is different from the old 'spinner fires' as it is much more heavily baffled. That means that the flames must travel past a heavy baffle plate in order to get to the flue and as a result the heat is projected into the room more efficiently and the flue system is protected from overheating.

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The Carousel provides a stunning 360 degree view and is best suited to a large living area where ideally it can be placed in a central position.

The Carousel comes with a 3.6 metre flue kit matching the colour of the heater you choose.

Carousel wood heater models

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  THE CAROUSEL IMPERIAL FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER   THE CAROUSEL WOOD HEATER IN RED - Not only will you be amazed at the spectacular visual aspect of a natural swirling fire, but you will ...
  THE CAROUSEL SUMMIT FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER   Experience the remarkable visual effect offered by Alpine Carousel Heaters. Enjoy the rich radiant heat that will warm to the toes. Stock ...
  ALPINE STIRLING FREESTANDING AND INBUILT WOOD HEATER   THE ALPINE STIRLING WOOD HEATER - The Alpine Stirling slow combustion wood heater has a finger tip damper control, self cleaning ...
  CAROUSEL KOSCIUSKO FREESTANDING WOOD HEATER   THE CAROUSEL KOSCIUSKO WOOD HEATER - The Carousel Kosciusko has a large loading door with 5mm thick glass, removable steel baffle and a ...



 Experience the remarkable effect offered by this new and exciting carousel heater. The carousel features a patented internal design that develops a near complete burn with a minimum of emission. Not only will you be amazed at the spectacular visual aspect of a natural swirling fire, but you will enjoy a rich heat that efficiently warms your family home. The Imperial Carousel is manufactured to the highest quality for lasting beauty and excellence in burning efficiency. The carousel must be considered the crowning achievement in fireplace design, and a most desirable selection for the discriminating owner looking for something special in a fireplace. Available in vitreous enamel coating in burgundy, almond, brunswick green, brown, black and many other colours on request. The carousel has an output capacity of 15 - 17 squares or about 150 square metres. Height is 1070 mm and width is 1050 mm. Clearance for your carousel to combustible material is 1200 mm and the gross weight is 84kg.Exposed vitreous flue reaches a ceiling height of 2.6 metres but extra flue may be purchased for higher ceilings.


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