Bordelet suspended wood fireplaces

Bordelet suspended wood fireplaces are designed and hand crafted by JC Bordelet in the south of France. The design and craftmanship are reflected in these hand crafted masterpieces which will transform any living space adding unique style and ambience.

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Bordelet wood heaters

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  THE BORDELET EVA 992 SUSPENDED WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE   The Bordelet Eva 992 is a high quality designer masterpiece guaranteed to draw the eye. The largest in the ...
  THE BORDELET LEA 998 SUSPENDED WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE   The Bordelet Lea 998 is the smallest in the range but with plenty of presence it can still warm a good ...
  THE BORDELET TATIANA 997 SUSPENDED WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE   The Bordelet Tatiana 997 has a 180 degree view and can be rotated 360 degrees. Like all of the ...
  THE BORDELET ZELIA 908 SUSPENDED WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE     The Bordelet Zelia 908 is a hand made and spun quality suspended fireplace made in ...

Bordelet fireplaces

Hand made in limited quantities, all JC Bordelet fireplaces are dramatically suspended from the ceiling and aim to dramatically enhance the ambiance and warmth of any living space. A fireplace must of course be operational, but most importantly must reflect your style. When you choose JC Bordelet, you choose one of the leaders in metallic fireplaces for the quality production and the hand-made finishing, with original designs, audacious colours and fluidity of shapes. Because today is already tomorrow, JC Bordelet fireplaces promote creations which have their own identity in aestheticism and functionality. It is this philosophy that has the fireplaces of JC Bordelet reaching international recognition all around the world.

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